Entertainment & Performing arts appeal to development

From loved local artists and rhythmic world music to full-scale operas, ballets, and star-studded theatrical productions from Broadway and beyond, our live entertainment performing venues will delight you from curtain rise to final encore.

Development with Visual arts approach

We plan to develop projects as an artist creates a masterpiece. This skyline is an example of a canvas with some of the most inspiring art collections you’ll find anywhere. Our development community's will represent renowned developers from around the world in just about every genre imaginable. Most of our creative teams even welcome you scheduling some one-on-one time with them for an intimate look into their creative process. 


EXEMPT, INC. (the “Company”) was formed on June 10, 2005, as a North Carolina corporation to engage in Cosmetic Manufacturing of “All-Natural Products”. In 2017 the company has gone through restructuring to become a subsidiary of a private trust. The Company is proposing a new Commercial Real Estate Development project that will be developed as an entertainment destination. The Company will market this development to designated urban municipalities as a public private partnership. The Company at present has minimal Cosmetic Personal Care Manufacturing interest but has plans to enter the market through mergers and acquisitions.                                                                               


The company’s core business is commercial real estate development. The company in most cases will act as the developer of raw property, where it will purchase key parcels of real estate to design with top development firms, then contract the top construction companies to build. The companies niche is to purchase the majority of its properties in the Central Business District, where those properties have been tagged with new market tax credits and unlimited zoning restrictions. Those cities must be within a 100-mile radius of other large cities of at least one point five million residents. The company will only develop multi use, and mixed-use projects with emphasis on creating an entertainment destination feel.  

The company will develop key parcels to hold in its portfolio as income producing properties. The company will hire mostly third-party management companies to design and build those properties, which will therefore allow the company to keep down overhead and liabilities.