As the name indicates, select-service hotels have select amenities. They are mid-sized hotels, catering to a wide range of travelers who want close to a full-service experience without paying a full-service price. These hotels typically have fewer frills than full-service properties, but make up for it in fun cozy rooms with special views and guest nooks. A good experience is priceless, and our aim is tor provide memories at an affordable price

The company’s core business is commercial real estate development. The company in most cases will act as the developer of raw property, where it will purchase key parcels of real estate to design with top development firms, then contract the top construction companies to build. The company's niche is to purchase the majority of its properties in the Central Business District(CBD), where those properties have been tagged as blighted property that qualifies for new market tax credits and unlimited zoning restrictions. Those cities must be within a 100-mile radius of other large cities of at least one point five million residents. The company will only develop multi-use, and mixed-use projects with emphasis on creating an entertainment destination feel. 

Apartment complex with retail and medical offices on ground floor, along with multiuse flex space for anything from event gatherings to business meetings. These projects will focus on creating eat, sleep, play, and shop, housing districts that will focus on unique sustainable and site conscious designs that maximize energy usage. The projects will also take a funky approach to residential mix use buildings to allow for more community in the greater neighborhood. 

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EXEMPT, INC. (the “Company”) was formed on June 10, 2005, originally as a North Carolina corporation to engage in Cosmetic Manufacturing of “All-Natural Products”. Since 2007 the company has gone through restructuring to become a commercial real estate developer. As a developer the Company is proposing new commercial real estate projects that will be considered entertainment destination development. The Company as a development consultant will market these developments to designated urban municipalities through a public private partnership. The Company has minimal Cosmetic manufacturing interest but has plans to enter the market through mergers and acquisitions in the future, mainly with interest as owner of the entities commercial real estate.                       

At Exempt, we not only specialize in upscale development, we provide out customers with top of the line design expertise, and high end furniture.

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Municipalities believe that convention centers are key to bringing in those coveted tourism dollars. The promise of huge groups of visitors descending, in need of a nights stay, a place to relax, and a live exciting local atmosphere, is an alluring one.

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Upscale high-rises will be ​unique projects that focus on spatial experiences, view, and resident satisfaction. These high-rises will offer state of the art spas, desirable spacious lay outs, and of course luxury detailing. Each project will be different focusing on being apart of the surrounding urban fabric, while creating a living piece of art.

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