Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Oliver duCille of Hickory North Carolina first began providing business solutions, software, financial technology solutions development, and hardware design services to government and industry primarily on the Microsoft Windows platform on May 23, 1983 after graduating from Presbyterian College on May 8th of that same year with a Math-Physics Degree and what would have been a minor Computer Science had they had that designation. Within 6 months of that date, he was independently and individually servicing the beginnings of what would turn out to be thousands of small business clients.

Before landing at Exempt Inc. as a seasoned executive, Oliver amassed almost four (4) decades of business development and business management consulting experience as well as a keen understanding of delivering technology-based business solutions to a diverse clientele, which include banks, power companies, and the federal government agencies along with myriad other businesses from a variety of industries in the private sector.

He brings a strong focus on the areas of entrepreneurial finance & accounting and finance as well as startup and business growth. 

Oliver DuCille

Interim CEO and acting COO