Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Oliver is a long-time resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. Oliver provides business solutions consulting, software, financial technology solutions development, and hardware design services to government and industry primarily on the Microsoft Windows platform.
        Oliver has more than three decades of software programming and technology project management experience and has provided a variety of technology-based business solutions to a diverse clientele, which include banks, power companies, and the federal government along with businesses and industries in the private sector.
        In addition to his strong accounting and finance capabilities in the area of entrepreneurial finance, he also possesses expertise in the Windows Media SDK and the Direct show SDK and is conversant with C++, ATL, C#, VB6, and VB, NET and has written windows media player applications. Some of his software solutions include finance applications, video systems. video servers, and more.
        Oliver is the inventor of the patent pending Covered Call Wizard and Option Trading Systems, which briefly  are designed to facilitate traders in identifying potentially profitable covered call, Straight Call, Bull Call spread and Bear Call Credit Spread trade opportunities. It also provides an easy to use but informative facility for subscribers to enter.
         When he is not writing code, or honing his options trading strategy, Oliver likes to play tennis, researching fractal mathematics and genetic algorithms.

Oliver DuCille