PROJECT COST    $350,000,000

Estimated TOTAL PROJECT COST $550,000,000

Ruwack Trust Corporate Office and Hotel


Exempt Inc has become the co-developer to design and build the Ruwack Trust Corporate Office. The proposed 37 story office tower will include corporate offices for Ruwack Trust utilizing two of the floors and the rest will be leased to companies that offer other financial services. The office tower will also include a 5 star hotel and suites with an outdoor observatory. Ruwack Trust is a private lender with assets of at least $1.4 Billion. Ruwack Trust will make a bold statement by erecting a structure that represents its position as a private trust. Ruwack Trust is positioned to sell securities in the private markets through Rule 144A. For more information please visit: www.ruwacktrust.com 

Ruwack Trust will be selling Exempt Inc. preferred stock into the project through Computershare Trust Co. N.A.  and DTC for Book Entry shares to Accredited Investors with an 8% annual rate of return.



The proposed